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Apart from the drug trade, the principal form of organized crime in many developing countries is the black market , which involves criminal acts such as Marc Fisher Leather or Suede Fringe Ankle Boots Tune buy cheap sale outlet locations cheap online sale shop cheap sale clearance store PNLNF
and corruption in the granting of licenses to import goods and to export foreign exchange. Armed robbery has been particularly popular and easy because of the widespread availability of arms supplied to nationalist movements by those seeking political destabilization of their own or other countries. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, organized-crime rings flourished in new hedgehog shark boost 700 mens and womens sports shoes casual shoes size 3645 free distribution outlet explore discount high quality F4nNpx
. By the beginning of the 21st century, official Russian crime statistics had identified more than 5,000 organized-crime groups responsible for international Palladium Low to help canvas shoes mens shoes Korean fashion outdoor Comfortable and breathable 3 colors 3945 clearance buy w1Dda2sQ
, tax evasion, and assassinations of businessmen and politicians. One report even argued that Russia was on the “verge of becoming a criminal syndicalist state, dominated by a lethal mix of gangsters, corrupt officials, and dubious businessmen.” Members of the Russian criminal networks, vory v zakone (“thieves in law”), operated by a code of conduct that eschewed relatives and forming families.

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…liquor, prompting the growth of organized crime. The illegal liquor business was so lucrative and federal prohibition enforcement machinery was so slight that gangsters were soon engaged in the large-scale smuggling, manufacture, and sale of alcoholic beverages.…
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…was the emergence of Russian organized crime. For most of the Yeltsin administration, shoot-outs between rival groups and the assassinations of organized-crime or business figures filled the headlines of Russian newspapers and created greater disgust among Russians over the course of economic reform and democracy. The explosive rise in crime…
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Organized crime has long been involved in the sport—indeed, John L. Sullivan’s bid for the championship in 1892 was financed by a Chicago organized-crime boss. Criminal involvement has sometimes taken the form of gambling syndicates asking a boxer to “throw” a fight—that is, lose a…
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Crackdowns on organized-crime gangs in El Salvador, Colombia, and Mexico had pushed criminals from those countries into Guatemala to traffic arms and drugs as well as to launder their profits. Despite the efforts of the government of President Colom to combat those criminals, the violence worsened.…
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It is unclear how many cases are affected by the ruling, but activists say that at least 10,000 people per year are granted asylum in the US on the basis of domestic abuse and gang violence in their home countries.

Pro-immigration groups say they plan to fight Mr Sessions' decision, which is part of a larger effort by the Trump administration to place restrictions on immigration.

Last week, Mr Sessions defended the department's policy of separating migrant children from their parents after they have crossed into the US.

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The missing - consequences of Trump's immigration crackdown

Activists say the ruling will especially resonate in Central America, where gang violence is rampant.

Migrants from that region frequently cite gang violence as the reason for seeking refuge in the US.

Latin American countries also have some of the worst rates of violence against women in the world, according to the UN.

The decision "will no doubt result in sending countless mothers and children back to their abusers and criminal gangs," said Beth Werlin of the American Immigration Council .

"Turning our backs on victims of violence and deporting them to grave danger should not be the legacy sought by any administration."

Frank Sharry, founder of America's Voice, an immigration reform group, tweeted: "Sessions is locking Central Americans inside the burning house they're trying to escape."


Democrat politicians hit out at Mr Sessions' ruling. The senator for Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, labelled it "shameful".

"America is better than this, but apparently Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not," he said on Monday.

"Today's decision will send untold numbers of refugees to their deaths. Attorney General Sessions: their blood is on your hands."

Have you received asylum in the US on the grounds of domestic abuse or gang violence? Share your experiences by emailing

Have you received asylum in the US on the grounds of domestic abuse or gang violence? Share your experiences by emailing

Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also contact us in the following ways:

+44 7555 173285 +44 7624 800 100

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